Proven. Reliable. Certified. Qualified. Nuclear Actuation.

Inside and outside of containment. From Main Steam Isolation Valves (MSIVs) and Feedwater Valves to reverse engineering of long-obsoleted Actuator designs to new projects that require Nuclear-qualified Rising Stem or Quarter-Turn Actuators.

Hanna can do it all.

Our ability to design and manufacture Linear and Rotary Actuators to meet your needs comes from over 45 years of Nuclear-Industry experience, an extensive global install base and knowledge we acquired from Chicago Fluid Power in 1990.

When it comes to quality, delivery and technical support, we won’t be beat.

Actuators: Quarter-Turn and Linear Rising Stem

  • Our actuators can be custom designed with spring return (fail open/closed) and fitted with a variety of options.
  • Quarter-turn actuators are designed to meet the rigorous requirements for the next generation of nuclear power plants (AP1000).
  • Experience with air manifold panels, dump valve assemblies, solenoids, and any other type of pneumatic add-ons for actuators.
  • Qualified Nuclear Quarter-Turns Units.

Air Actuator Assembly

Our production staff is assembling a Ø26″ x 4.12″ stroke, nested dual-spring, high-pressureair actuator for use on a 2nd stage moisture separator, reheated steam line.

Our client requested a 700-pound weight reduction with a 16-week lead time.

We achieved this specification replacing the steel piston with an aluminum piston — and we delivered it in 12 weeks.

Certification and Qualifications

Quarter-Turn Pneumatic Actuator
Test Report Number: 3499TRA

All of our nuclear actuators are certified to the following standards. When requested we will conduct environmental testing to make them nuclear qualified, as well. However, we’ve proactively designed and had our quarter-turn actuators tested for nuclear qualification so environmental testing isn’t required.

  • US NRC 10 CFR 50 Appendix B
  • US NRC 10 CFR Part 21
  • ASME NQA-1
  • ANSI N45.2
  • IEEE Qualification
  • NIAC-compliant Quality Assurance

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Since 1901 we have produced millions of cylinders that stood the test of time.