Hanna Machining Engineering Insight Leads to Product Design Assistance You Can Trust. In addition to our traditional offerings of high quality hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, Hanna now delivers state of the art contract machining and fabrication services for one-off to high volume industrial parts. We can design, fabricate and assemble, weld, and paint your products […]


Hanna Mobile Proven. Reliable. Certified. Mobile Actuation. Today, many mobile cylinder application such as agricultural and construction equipment, garbage and tow trucks, military transport vehicles, and the entertainment industry demand more from hydraulic actuators than ever before. Made of high-strength carbon steel with a welded base, a hard chrome-plated piston rod, and a threaded, ductile-iron […]


Hanna Actuation Proven. Reliable. Valve Actuation. Greater pressures. Higher speeds. Closer tolerances. Zero leakage performance. Extreme temperature ranges. Harsh climate conditions. High shock and vibration. Electronic position sensing. Today, many valves actuation application such as sluice gates and quarter turn valves, demand more from hydraulic and pneumatic actuators than ever before. Meeting these high performance […]


Proven. Reliable. Certified. Qualified. Nuclear Actuation. Inside and outside of containment. From Main Steam Isolation Valves (MSIVs) and Feedwater Valves to reverse engineering of long-obsoleted Actuator designs to new projects that require Nuclear-qualified Rising Stem or Quarter-Turn Actuators. Hanna can do it all. Our ability to design and manufacture Linear and Rotary Actuators to meet […]

Since 1901 we have produced millions of cylinders that stood the test of time.